Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Wonders of E-Mart

An E-Mart was opened in Gwangju shortly before we arrived. E-Mart is kind of like a Walmart style store and although it is evil it does raise our little town up in status from being a one horse town to being a one horse town with a bloody great shop in it - apparently. It's good for cheap clothes and getting Western style foods but not as cheap as our beloved Mega Mart. Also, whenever we go there we seem to spend so long inside that it is always dark when we get out again.

Gwangju's recently opened E-Mart. Bringing civilisation and cheap trainers to the masses.

Rowan and Dean descend into the E-Mart underworld...

'Adult Sunday School Ministry' - just one of the many exciting Konglish (Korean English) t-shirts available for purchase in E-Mart.

Spam is very popular in Korea. Here's Dean with a tin of bacon spam - mmmmm...

Silkworm Pupae also seems to be a popular snack!

Octopus tentacle anyone?

You can get pets at E-Mart too. This is one of the most expensive. It's a miniature hedgehog and was really tiny.I really want one but not at that price.

Don't mix your drinks, especially if one of them is Gorangju, Chinese Fire Water (only 52%).

Fly like paper, get high like, (Peppero) planes! (Peppero is a Korean Chocolate coated biscuit stick snack so popular that Korea has a national Peppero day!)

A Korean style picnic set of Japanese sushi, Kimbap (Korean sushi) and...ham sandwiches.


  1. am i 1st to comment??love the photos looks like you having busy time.I see rowan being a bit slack here.lookin4wars to more tales!!

  2. 2nd I'm afraid

    Sorry I'm slack, I will write something eventually!