Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Funny Korean Music Videos

This week I have been extremely busy trying to plan my English Summer Camp. This is the last week of the school term and next Monday is the start of camp which is in fact not a camp at all. It does not involve any tents, sleeping bags or singing songs around a campfire. Neither does it involve actually leaving the school at all. English Summer Camp is basically an extra week or two of English conversation classes at the school in the usual English classroom but with fewer students (just the few who have signed up for it) and more FUN (mandatory)!

Anyway, more about the summer 'camp' another time. The main purpose of this post was to share a couple of funny videos I found today whilst 'preparing' for my camp. The first one is by a popular Korean female pop combo called the Wonder Girls that features the immortal lines

"Why do you keep staring?
Am I really that pretty?
I know it already but all that staring makes me blush."

Yes, the Wonder Girls are not only "so hot" "so pretty" "so fine" and "so attractive" (in their own words) they're modest too. Watch the video for full English translation - it is pretty funny.

The Wonder Girls are wondering why men keep staring at them - could it be the skimpy outfits perhaps?

The second video is an awesome Middle School Camp project put together by an English teacher who is far more creative than me. He has got his class of 1st graders to hold up the words in time to Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" - really cool video.

The N/O girl steals the show and it's funny that you don't see the HARD girl until right at the end.

We are thinking of getting our classes to do a similar thing for Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues as a bit of an amusing homage to the original video for that song where Bob is chucking cards with some of the words written on over his shoulder.


  1. Very entertaining, the daft punk videos are now an internet phenomenon! Will it be as cool to re-enact a video from 1968 or whatever though? I think a Bob Dylan homage sounds good though, I'd love to be involved.
    Also, the Wonder Girls might not be modest but they do speak accurately.

  2. Fun! Makes me wonder how he trained them to do it. I work in the Elementary level so it would be a little chaotic trying something like that.

  3. Glad you both liked it. Not sure that the kids would really enjoy re-enacting an old Bob Dylan video but I would enjoy making them! Not sure how the Native English Teacher managed to get them to do it - with lots of patience I assume! I showed the video to my camp students this week and threatened to make them do it which got a rather nervous response! Not sure if I could handle trying to teach that to elementary school kids Joy but if you do attempt it you will have to post the video of it!

  4. Yes but how did he manage to get them so practiced at it whilst displaying a teenage air of utter indifference the whole time! thats a skill. The daft punk hands youtube vid will always be my fav though

  5. Yeah the teenage indifference is well done. The daft hands video is really good though I agree.

  6. nice video i really like it thanks for sharing it.