Sunday, 22 August 2010

Our Summer Vacation Exploring Korea

We're still alive!

Yes, I know, its hard to believe given how long its been since we've posted anything on here, but we haven't dropped off the face of the earth, we've just been on holiday.

The route of our Korean tour - starting from Seoul Express Bus Terminal (glamorous) to Sokcho and then several other places along the east coast, then down to Busan and across to Mokpo, then down to Jeju and finally back up to Seoul again. Phew!

Anyway we're back now so we can tell you all about it. We had two weeks of holiday but we set off on Friday afternoon so we had 16 days in total. We started off at our Gwangju which is just next to Seoul and not the Gwangju down in the south west corner (we'll come to that later). Our route was down the east coast from Sokcho down to Busan then dashing across the south coast to Mokpo in the far south west corner by coach and train before getting a ferry to Jeju island in the far south west and finally returning to Seoul by plane.
Of all the places we went to to probably our favorite was Jeongdongjin, just south of Gangneung and our least favorite was the utterly charmless Mokpo (sorry Mokpo-ians).

Trip Statistics - for all you list-o-maniacs out there!
  • Days travelling: 17
  • Distance traveled: over 1200 miles
  • Modes of transport: 10 (coach, train, tandem bicycle, ferry, submarine, quad bike/ ATV, cable car, monorail, taxi and plane)
  • Motels visited: 8
  • Korean instant noodles (rameyon) consumed: 13
  • Mosquito bites received: Way too many to count!
Overall, we had a great time, saw a fair bit of South Korea and did some really cool stuff. We will write separate posts for the different places we visited as there's too many to fit in one entry so watch this space!


  1. You can't just say "Submarine" and then leave us in the lurch! Tell me about the submarine!

  2. All in good time! We've got to build up a bit of suspense!